Job Interview Questions and Answers; Tips and Tricks by David Roberts and Shirley Miller

Have you ever been nervous about attending a job interview?

If so, you need this guide to Job Interview Questions and Answers; Tips and Tricks by David Roberts and Shirley Miller. This guide will help you understand the various things you need to consider when preparing for your interview. It is definitely not a case of just showing up and answering some questions. There is a strategy to preparing and attending an interview. And if you want to be in the final selection process, then you need to read this guide that covers all aspects of a job interview and how you should conduct yourself.

This guide is a must have for people changing jobs and facing the challenge of an interview.

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Golf Tips for Women by Shirley Miller

golf-tips-for-women-cover-150-res-800-by-583-sizeLadies, before you head out to buy those golf clubs, bring this golfer around to show you around the course.   Golfing lessons can get expensive but thankfully, you can minimize the cost by learning from a pro golfer.  Golf Tips for Women contains an array of tips, tricks and techniques for women who golf.  If you’re a woman who wants to know how to golf, this book is jam-packed . Read more Golf Tips for Women.


How to Write a Cover Letter for Job Applications by David Roberts

Are you tired of applying for jobs and never getting an interview?

If so, then this “How to Write a Cover Letter” guide will change things around instantly for you!

cover-letter-blog-513-pxTo get that all-important invite to a job interview, the employer MUST HAVE certain information about you, otherwise you don’t stand much of a chance. Many people think they know how to write a cover letter, but in reality they have no clue what the employer is wanting to see from you. It is of paramount importance that you give the employer exactly what he is hoping to see in your cover letter. This is the key to a good cover letter. If you don’t include this information, you are almost certain to fail in your application.

This How to Write a Cover Letter Guide for Job Applications will steer you through the Cover Letter Writing process step by step leaving nothing whatsoever to chance. If you use the suggestions offered in the guide you will have every reason to be excited and expect an invite to a job interview for nearly every job you apply for.

This is a tried & tested guide that really works. Is your future worth the price of a cup of coffee?

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